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The Bushido Clan is a Brotherhood that was made by Total War Veterans as a home for all the Total War players out there...
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 Where we come from!?

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Where we come from!? Empty
PostSubject: Where we come from!?   Where we come from!? EmptyWed Jan 26, 2011 4:53 pm

The Bushido Clan is the result and also the next chapter of a strong friendship between two Total-War-Veterans: LNDavout and HelmeHaffax!

Helme and LND are both playing the TW series like Shogun TW and made their ways trough different TW clans till they decided to create their own themes and clans.

Helme once was one of the first members in a clan called "Desciples of Jupiter" (DOJ), as they recruited him in June 2005. He left DOJ in december 2005 to create the "New Order" (NO) with guys like FTD, GermaniusKingpinius, Franvir and some others.
In 2006 Helme and LND first meat each other, when LND joined NO. This was at NO´s best days. LND came as TW Veteran and made himself respected by a couple of members in and outside NO, especially on MTW II, and he became a welcome embassy on other forums. After another year the NO broke into pieces. Some stayed in NO. Some others, like LND and Helme, founded the so called "Skilled Knights" (-S_K-). -S_K- started with good intentions and the ones who wanted to lead brought up good ideas. But as fast as it started came the "sudden" death and -S_K- disbanded before it could establish itself in the TW community.

After the short -S_K- intermezzo Helme and LND created the German Knights Order (GKO) in 2007. After some striking tourney matches and also through the good manners of the GKO members the clan got a good reputation all over the community. The GKO was never a clan with the intentions to grow fast or to have tons of members. It was always a small brotherhood with "hand selected" members.
The GKO was created as medieval theme. With the knowledge that the next TW will play in the 18th century and in the exited expectation of Histwar: Les Grognards, LND started the 3rdCorps forums in January 2008.
Also at the beginning of the year 2008 the GKO started proceedings about a merge with other clans. At February the 22nd, a new clan was formed out of the GKO and the still existing NO: the "Varangian Guard". New forums got created, a whole new system build up and new members came quickly. The clan had great times and the reunion with the old friends from NO were definitely a good idea. The merged clans walked together till November 2008. With the "dying" of MTW II also many of the Varangian members got inactive at the TW series till fall 2008.
Up from November the GKO ventured a restart on its own.
All over the month HelmeHaffax and above all LND kept the 3rdCorps idea growing. Members from the GKO, the VarangianGuard and some other clans, also out of the Histwar community, joined the 3rdCorps forums to show their interest in the growing of this clan-idea. At the latest up from January 2009 a couple of TW veterans like Helme, LND, Percyvalerius and Roryn worked hard to prepare the clan for the release of ETW in March 2009.

With the release of EmpireTW started difficult times not only for the 3rdCorps, but for the whole TW online community. The game was full of bugs, the whole online system got changed and had a lot of negative aspects, so that many members got inactive after a while. After some month and some patches it got better, but it was too late bring the 3rdCorps back to Empire. LesGrognards wasnt as good as suspected also, so that the 3rdCorps members got back to MTWII, where they started to enter clanwide competitions again and had their very first own tournament that got supported by many other MTWII clans.
With NapoleonTW the two different clan systems of GKO and the 3rdCorps got merged into one clan and forum. Not a big deal at all, as it was nearly the same members all the time, but it nonetheless was the end of the GKO. The 3rdCorps entered some NTW tournaments and tried to get active again, but the fun of the good old days never came back. ETW and NTW didn´t work well enough, the online system was not, what the members needed and wanted and most of the other clans started to use the push-through bug even in tournament games. So the members turned away from TW for a long while. But they still played together. Games like Left4Dead, Killing Floor, Wings of Prey, IL-2 Sturmovik, League of Legends (and others) kept parts of the clan together.

With the knowledge of the Shogun2TW release date, LND, Helme, Thule and Roryn got active again and created the "Bushido Clan", hoping the new game will do better as its predecessors!

The "Bushido Clan" is a brotherhood of friendship and loyalty founded by TW-Fanatics. May the "Bushido Clan" and the whole TW community have great times to come...
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Where we come from!?
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