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Shogun TW 2

The Bushido Clan is a Brotherhood that was made by Total War Veterans as a home for all the Total War players out there...
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 !! Important !! Forumrules.

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!! Important !! Forumrules. Empty
PostSubject: !! Important !! Forumrules.   !! Important !! Forumrules. EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 3:29 pm



1. There will be no cursing or bashing of other people.(be sure you know who takes a curse as joke and who not.)
2. There will be no spamming of topics that have vital info.
3. Members will respect guests to this forum as if they were members themselves, they will also respect them on their own forums.
4. You will need to be active at least 1 times a month for your account to remain active as a member.
5. Posting of inappropriate material is banned.
6. You are responsible for all things you do on this forum.
7. What can I do if I see illegal things on the forum? PM the Admins !

8.Have fun,have fun,have fun !!!

9. The offical forumaction rules !

10. If you don`t accept this, leave this halls ! plz.

Consequences could be:

1. First offense is a verbal warning.
2. Second is a mandated warning on your account.
3. Fourth is suspended account for appropriate time.
4. Final is Deleted account and Banned from Forum.

Its all about friendship and fun !

!! Important !! Forumrules. Lndshogunsig1
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!! Important !! Forumrules.
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